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Click mats are interlocking drainable 100% rubber mats that will allow any liquids to disperse through the holes to provide a non-slip rubber surface suitable for a multitude of applications. Click mats lock together with their built in connecting edges to create a continuous rubber floor covering to suit just about any size area without the mats creeping apart. They are extremely functional in walk ways and work areas where wet spillages could cause a slip hazard, such as in catering and bar serving areas. Like Ring mats,

*Click mats can be used on grassed areas however pegs must be used to keep them from comming apart, and in our experience they do tend to lock together better on hard flat surfaces.

Common uses:

  • Wash down and wet areas
  • Under swings and play equipment
  • Entrance door mats, Garage floors
  • Anti-fatigue mats, Walk ways, Milking parlour pits
  • Bar serving areas and beer cellars
  • Ski clubs and ice rinks
  • kitchens, Bars, Glass washing area

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915mm x 915mm



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Agricultural, Domestic, Leisure (playground / gym / ice rink)